stand against violence

Made in response to the senseless murder of Lloyd Fouracre in 2005. This film is part of a educational program that has been screened in
schools both nationwide and internationally. It aims to highlight the effects of alcohol and violence and illustrates the loss and pain of those involved.
Stand Against Violence hopes that education will lessen the likelihood of the events of that night repeating themselves.
goanna films are proud to have volunteered time, as with everyone else involved, in the making of this film.
An excerpt from the Stand Against Violence website reads:
“Lloyd Fouracre was beaten to death one day before his 18th birthday by a group of drunken youths. It was a completely unprovoked and random act of violence resulting in devastating consequences. The impact on Lloyds friends and family was huge and as a result Lloyds brother Adam Fouracre launched Stand Against Violence in his brothers memory. The aim was simple, prevent further incidences of this nature and save the lives of the victims and prevent other families having to experience the pain Lloyds family has been through. SAV started through petitioning the Government with 26,000 signatures to get more police on our streets. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful and the decision was made to focus on using Lloyds story to educate others of the consequences of mindless acts of violence. In 2009 a film re-enacting Lloyds death (the one on this site) was launched to a audience of 150 VIP’s, organisation reps and school teachers and the film has since been used all over the UK with positive and powerful effects that are changing peoples attitudes towards violence.”